Transforming Your Workforce? Take an “Always On” Onboarding Approach

Published On: April 16, 2019Categories: Onboarding Articles, Strategic Onboarding

Maybe you don’t know a whole lot about the workforce transformation that’s taking place. Maybe you are waiting to see how it all pans out. Waiting to figure out how to get your workforce – and your talent acquisition investment – to transform along with the organization.

Well don’t wait! It’s occurring right now, and you can be leading the people part of these changes. Here’s something most people don’t know. An “always on” onboarding approach to workforce readiness can support your talent at every stage of change.

So you think you know onboarding? It’s changed. It used to be super narrow (think paperwork or orientation). But today, it’s so much wider and begins before a position opens or a candidate applies and extends into the full employee career.

Traditional onboarding really was about a checklist – orientation, done; forms, done. Today’s onboarding has expanded to do so much more. It uses company brand and culture to attract candidates even before a position opens. Once an offer is extended, onboarding begins to engage a new employee until the official start day.

But here’s the really big news. Onboarding has gone strategic and now extends beyond the new hire stage.  Companies use it to help both new hires and employees stay connected to company goals, prepare for changing roles and adapt as the company evolves. This need has become more critical as companies upskill for the digital revolution.

If these needs resonate, it’s time to explore strategic onboarding. I would recommend two starting steps:


Mimi Jerkan, SilkRoad


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