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WEBINAR: Wednesday, May 29, 2024
11:00am PT | 1:00pm CT | 2:00pm ET

Onboarding new employees is more than a routine process; it’s the first step in building a committed and productive workforce.

Join us for an insightful webinar as our HR experts uncover five advanced strategies that promise to transform your onboarding experience and set your new hires on a path to success.

During this interactive session, you will:

  • Enhance Communication: Implement effective strategies and support systems to ensure new hires integrate smoothly into your organization.
  • Set Clear Objectives: Provide new employees with clear goals, continuous feedback and ample development opportunities right from the start to foster engagement and growth.
  • Utilize Cutting-edge Technology: Leverage the latest digital tools to streamline administrative duties, facilitate easy access to essential resources and enhance collaboration among team members.
  • Optimize with Data: Continuously evaluate and improve your onboarding processes using precise performance metrics.
  • Create a Welcoming Culture: Foster a welcoming and inclusive company culture that encourages new hires to fully engage and connect with their team and the company’s mission from day one.

Rival Connections 2024

This high-impact event will offer insight into industry best practices and use cases to maximize your talent strategies.  Learn from keynotes and thought leaders as well as sessions on client success stories, innovation, strategy and trends and more!

AI and Analytics Recruiting Webinar

AI and Analytics in Recruit

Join us for an exclusive customer webinar where we’ll explore the transformative power of AI and analytics within our platform. Discover how you can leverage advanced technologies to streamline your hiring processes, and improve candidate selection.

From automating candidate sourcing to identifying top talent more efficiently, you’ll learn how AI algorithms can revolutionize your hiring strategy. We’ll also explore the robust analytics capabilities, demonstrating how you can gain valuable insights into recruitment performance, track key metrics and optimize your workflows for greater efficiency and success.