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Rival Integrations ensure your HR data is securely connected to your core business systems

Tailored full service integrations to meet your business requirements.


    Rival has completed thousands of integrations for organizations of all sizes and complexities.

  • Time to Value

    Our rapid and seamless connections minimize your costs and make data exchange easy.

  • End-to-End Coverage

    Every step of the data exchange between Rival solutions and your systems are built to meet enterprise standards and are tracked and monitored. Rival Technology ensures your HR data is securely connected to your core business systems.

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By 2020, 30% of global midmarket and large enterprises will have invested in a cloud-deployed HCM suites. However, they will still need to source 20% to 30% of their HCM requirements via point solutions.

Sharon George, Gartner
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Partnering with client stakeholders – HR, Finance, IT, Marketing – we review tasks, workflows and data handling requirements to ensure clean and complete data collection and management.

We create and agree upon the proposed data flow and field mapping details, documenting transformations and validations.

No additional software is required for a client to build, install or maintain.


Rival uses CIS TOP 20, NIST and the ISO 27000 family of information security standards as the framework of our security practice to preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability. These policies and practices are evaluated semi-annually through internal review and annually by an independent SOC 2 audit.

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Our authentication is SAML 2.0 compliant

Clients using Single Sign-On (SSO) will have their own Identity Provider (IDP) system. This may take the form of on-premise active directory or could be managed by a third party.


Rival goes beyond traditional talent management to help our clients attract, retain, and align people to their business.