Adoption of HR onboarding software accelerating, says one study

Published On: November 20, 2018


Patrick Thibodeau

HR onboarding is an area of talent acquisition that is getting a lot of focus. First impressions count, and there’s a link between a bad onboarding experience and turnover.

Today, onboarding is increasingly being seen as a critical tool to increase engagement, reduce attrition and help make new employees more productive sooner.

That wasn’t always true. When Accenture PLC installed an onboarding system in 2009, there weren’t many HR onboarding software tools or users in enterprise businesses.

Accenture adopted the SilkRoad onboarding system to automate and streamline its processes. McArthur said that an effective onboarding process creates an engaging and positive employee experience. Starting on the right note reduces turnover and helps make employees productive faster.