Scania Australia Improves New-Hire Experience

Scania Group are an internationally renowned manufacturer of trucks, coaches and engines, employing 34,000 people worldwide. In Australia the group is represented by Scania Australia, with a workforce of 380 employees nationally.

When onboarding new employees into Scania Australia, the current process was not working as efficiently as required. With only a small HR team, the process was manual and lengthy and impacted the time available to work on other strategic HR activities. Recruiting managers found the onboarding process time-consuming and labour-intensive, making it difficult to complete the tasks required to have an employee set up for day one. Scania Australia chose Rival (formerly SilkRoad Technology) to help design an onboarding program to ensure new employees are informed about the company and have completed their new starter paperwork online so they were ready to hit the ground running.


Rival Onboard (formerly SilkRoad Onboarding) was able to coordinate deadlines and reminders for departments across Scania Australia for the individual to be successfully set up and onboarded. This allowed the HR department to be informed on the status of completion of paperwork and coordinate first day arrangements.

Day One Readiness

Originally, new employees would receive a hard copy starter pack in the post to complete and send back prior to their first day. This process took up to 4 weeks to complete before the new starter could even be added to internal systems. With Rival Onboard, new employees can now familiarise themselves with Scania whilst completing the necessary forms before their first day. This greatly simplified the process and decreased lead times. Using Rival Onboard, managers now complete online e-forms and are clearly informed of the deadline of each task. Once a form is completed by the manager, it is streamlined to other areas of the business. In addition, managers are given notice when probation periods are coming to an end — something that had often been missed previously — simplifying their performance management duties and giving managers ample time to consider each employee’s level of ‘fit’ within the business.

Getting rid of the guesswork

Rival ensures all required steps are taken in the right order when onboarding new employees. Previously, managers often forgot or skipped steps due to time constraints or unfamiliarity with the onboarding needs. Thanks to Rival Onboard, the guesswork was taken out of the equation, and managers are given automatic reminders, ensuring essential tasks are completed on time and efficiently. Upon completion of each task, HR is immediately notified. There is minimal paperwork being misplaced as copies are edited and completed online, ensuring no more resubmitting or follow-up.

Warm reception

Rival Onboard was well received by new employees — satisfaction in Scania’s induction process increased from just 30% to 65% in the first 6 months post implementation. Thanks to the landing page for new starters, feedback is consistently received asserting that new employees felt highly familiar with the Company before starting. The number one advantage of using Rival Onboard is increased productivity in all areas of the business. Scania’s HR department is no longer tied up with manual tasks and following up paperwork. Employee onboarding activities have improved overall.

  • 56: Number of new hires inducted through Rival Onboard in the first six months
  • 65%: Participation in induction process survey
  • 5:1: Reduction in number of follow-ups with the new hires by the HR department per day
  • 5:1: Reduction in number of follow-ups with managers per day