What is Induction in HR?

Induction is a component of the onboarding process that involves fully integrating a new hire into the company and helping them fully understand the company’s culture, values, and goals as well as how their specific role contributes to those attributes. Induction typically begins once a new hire starts digging into their daily work and can last weeks or even months.


Pat’s filled out all the onboarding paperwork, but it’ll still be a while before this new hire has a grasp on everything – the induction process has only just begun!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between Induction and Onboarding?Induction and onboarding are often thought of as interchangeable terms, but in reality, Induction is just one part of the broader onboarding process. While onboarding encompasses every aspect of a new hire’s introduction to the organization (including filling out paperwork, applying for benefits, having early performance reviews, etc), Induction is more specifically about making a new hire feel welcome and integrated during their first few weeks and months on the job.
  • What are the benefits of using an Induction program for new hires?A good Induction program ensures that an employee has all the tools and background they need to do their job properly, which means that they’ll get up to speed more quickly and work more efficiently and effectively once they’ve established themselves – all the better for making them feel confident and happy in the work they do. It also gives new hires a chance to integrate into the culture and community of their team, their office, and the company at large, making them feel more welcome and comfortable as opposed to feeling like the odd-person-out.
  • How does Induction help employers?Studies have shown that approximately 80% of turnover in organizations comes from new hires leaving the company, meaning that the onboarding period is often the most fragile point in an employee’s tenure with the organization. That means it’s absolutely critical that a good employer puts significant effort into making new hires feel as supported, informed, and comfortable as possible during these initial months, as these retention costs pale in comparison to the costs of having to re-hire for the same position over and over again.
  • What does an Induction program include?Induction programs will vary from organization to organization, but they often include (but are not limited to) giving new hires a tour of the office and facilities in which they’ll be working, introducing new hires to their colleagues and coworkers, an introduction to the company culture, getting new hires set up with all the tools and information they need to do their job effectively, and identifying any additional training a new hire may need in order to succeed.


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