U.S. Trends & Applications in Employee Onboarding

How Organizations are Preparing & Assessing the Nation’s Workforce

Businesses today are facing unparalleled change and challenge.

Companies who see onboarding as an opportunity to focus on the employee’s role while integrating the company culture and mission through a process that’s intentional, employee-centric and designed with long-term objectives in mind will remain competitive.

Yet, a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of SilkRoad Technology finds that many companies face significant challenges in adapting their onboarding programs to the coming business changes.

Download this survey report to learn key insights, including:

  • Current state of onboarding
  • Impact of ROI and onboarding
  • The future of onboarding and work
  • Much more

Learn about the opportunities that companies have in preparing our nation’s workforce to compete successfully in the coming decade.