Talent Reset: Find, Hire, and Keep Skilled Employees in the New World of Work

Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Time: 02:00 PM EDT

Now that we’re facing the realities of a new world of work, it’s time to revamp our talent strategies. Recruiters and sourcers are under more pressure than ever to deliver more for less. Job seeker and employee expectations are putting employers on notice, requiring more contact, care, and consideration. Skills are increasingly specialized and skilled workers are harder to find. The goal of a thriving, engaged employee who doesn’t want to leave is still scarce: only 21% of workers across the globe are engaged. Organizations need strategies that balance efficiency and effectiveness with a better, more inclusive talent experience, from pre-hire to retire.

Join Meghan M. Biro for a deep dive into the solution:

  • The must-do strategies that reset and revitalize
  • How you source, hire and onboard talent
  • and the tools that make it happen

She’ll highlight the best ways to overcome today and tomorrow’s talent challenges: broadening and building skilled and diverse talent pools, revamping your recruiting approach, upleveling the onboarding / crossboarding experience, and prioritizing DEI as a win for employees and organizations alike.