State of Recruitment and Onboarding Report

A CareerBuilder + Rival, formerly SilkRoad Technology Survey

Today, it’s a job seekers market—candidates have higher expectations for their job search and how future employers onboard them.

Low unemployment and high demand for talent is feeding this recruiting environment. To find out more, CareerBuilder and Rival, formerly SilkRoad Technology commissioned a survey to capture the experiences and preferences of employees and employers. It’s one of the only surveys to span the transition from candidate to new employee and the insights are endless.

Download this report to learn key highlights, including:

  • Candidates expect proactive, transparent and frequent communication
  • Successful onboarding for a new hire impacts their long-term vision
  • A fast and easy application process is important
  • Much more!

Learn what it takes to have a next-generation recruitment and onboarding experience that meets candidate and employee expectations.