Accenture ROI Case Study and Infographic

As an organization with a high hiring velocity, Accenture faced challenges with their mostly manual onboarding process which consisted of emails and spreadsheets and ultimately became unworkable at scale.

Accenture partnered with Rival, formerly SilkRoad Technology to build a more cohesive, streamlined, and strategic new hire experience. Accenture’s vision for their new onboarding strategy was to help new joiners understand exactly how they fit into Accenture’s expansive, global company. Key indicators of success for their onboarding strategy are new hire satisfaction surveys, time to productivity and employee retention.

Their efforts have paid off substantially. Accenture has realized:

  • Reduction in hard copy documentation
  • Redeployment of staff
  • Improved compliance – avoiding fines for hiring-related regulations
  • Productivity gains – saved 75% of time spent on onboarding

New hire surveys and onboarding analytics have shown that the degree to which new joiners follow the intentionally designed onboarding experience impacts their success and contribution. What’s more, Accenture is able to directly correlate the experience an individual has within their first month to their length of career with Accenture.

To learn more about how Accenture leveraged strategic onboarding to uncover 214%, or $3.3 million in ROI, download the case study and infographic by Nucleus Research.