Onboarding New Hires Through Their First Year

According to the 2017 Strategic Onboarding Survey by HR Daily Advisor, for 70%, onboarding is finished by the end of the first quarter at the latest.

However, Brandon Hall Group research found that 51% of new hire attrition happens within the first six months of employment. This suggests that organizations need to expand the scope and length of onboarding experiences to drive retention.

So, what is the ideal timeframe for an onboarding experience?

The best onboarding experiences start as early as the offer letter and engage employees through their first year. This enables hires to encounter a year worth of “firsts” that typically occur within a business cycle. It provides the organization an opportunity to provide clarity and support to guide employees through their journey and puts them in a position to succeed.

Rival, formerly SilkRoad Technology‘s Lilith Christiansen discusses onboarding new hires through their first year below: