The Big Impact of a Mature Onboarding Program

Most organizations fall short of world-class onboarding practices. The impact?

New hire attrition. Slow start to productivity or creating billable hours. Lost time for key initiatives and growth. To fully engage employees, an onboarding program must be mature. In this tight labor market, it’s never been more important. As an organization’s onboarding maturity enhances, the experience becomes richer, employees are more connected to the organization and more engaged. This, in turn, yields better business outcomes.

A recent Forbes Insight study found that 92% of CFOs believe proper onboarding could decrease costs associated with unwanted turnover.

So, where do you belong? How do you get there?

Join us for a webinar with Lilith Christiansen, VP of Onboarding Solutions at Rival, formerly SilkRoad Technology where she’ll cover:

  • The different stages of onboarding maturity and what they mean
  • How to get from one level to the next and the importance of doing so
  • How onboarding can be a strategic lever to drive business value
  • Much more!