How Can Organizations Achieve Resilience Amidst Business Disruption?

We’ve experienced years’ worth of change and transformation in just a few months’ time.

In the newly termed ‘never normal’, organizations will have to find ways to navigate constant change and digital operating models while maintaining employee engagement, productivity and business continuity if they are to achieve agility and resiliency in the weeks, months and years to come.

Join Rival, formerly SilkRoad Technology’s Lilith Christiansen and Lindsey Zan for a webinar highlighting the insights and key findings from a recent SilkRoad Technology report based on a survey we conducted with Human Capital Media Group.

They cover:

  • Business disruptions driving a need for new people strategies
  • Preparedness for disruption and transformation
  • Top needs and challenges of workforce transformation
  • Importance of talent mobility to achieve agility
  • Onboarding as a foundation for resiliency