Gartner: Overhauling Onboarding

Using Updated Capabilities and Design Thinking to Move Beyond Compliance to Care

Employee onboarding builds a bridge between recruitment and employee success that begins at the offer letter, and can last up to a year.

Modern onboarding platforms offer opportunities to deliver engagement and care in addition to compliance, as the onboarding period becomes increasingly crucial to securing and positioning talent for success. In a competitive talent market, there is more at stake for the hiring process to both operate effectively and engage participants along the way.

Download this report to learn key recommendations, including:

  • Apply design thinking for onboarding
  • Shift away from a company-centered approach to a focus on empathy
  • Deliver employee-centered onboarding by moving beyond compliance
  • Realign your processes to reinforce the organization’s value proposition, improve new hire engagement and shorten time to productivity
  • Much more!

Learn how to utilize onboarding to address key priorities such as aligning new hires to the company culture and values, and increasing engagement and retention.