The Evolution of Onboarding: Trends and Future Opportunities

Today’s talent market, which is characterized by low unemployment and high voluntary attrition, has created a need for organizations to leverage a more designed and intentional onboarding experience that’s inclusive, intentional, and reduces time to proficiency.

If it’s time to evaluate your onboarding program, check out the new eBook from Brandon Hall Group based on their Evolution of Onboarding Survey which explores how onboarding can apply to employee transitions, onboarding technology preferences, and other leading practices.

Other highlights include:

  • Applying onboarding to employee transitions
  • Impact of onboarding maturity on key business indicators and new hire attrition
  • Future trends and opportunities in onboarding
  • Leading practices for engaging, assimilating, and training new hires

Download the report to learn how onboarding is expanding to touch the entire employee journey.