Candidate Engagement Strategies

Today’s talent acquisition teams have never had more on their plates.

With the rise of remote work since the pandemic, applicants are overflowing job requisitions leaving recruiters triaging their applicant reviews. Compounding this challenge is the stark reality that 2022 saw record layoffs leaving most talent acquisition teams short-staffed.

So how are today’s innovative teams surviving and thriving? It all comes down to candidate engagement. Being able to cut through the noise with proactive campaigns that not only engage but entice candidates to want to hear more about your company and roles are worth their weight in gold.

Join us for a webinar where we draw upon some of the best practices being employed by some of the most progressive talent acquisition teams in the world. You and your team will leave this webinar equipped with the tools to help you not only reach but exceed your candidate engagement goals.

Key takeaways:

  • State of talent acquisition
  • Candidate engagement strategies
  • How to measure the effectiveness of campaigns
  • How to evolve approaches, communication and branding
  • Where to start