C-Suite Support for Onboarding Critical for Enterprise Organizationsʼ Success

Insights include:

Organizations with extensive C-Suite support are 5 times more likely to be at Level 4 in onboarding maturity,
which means onboarding is strategic, fully linked with learning, fully automated, and utilizing assessments and assimilation practices.

Organizations with extensive C-Suite support were 34% to 127% more likely than other organizations to see increases in key new-hire metrics over the past year.

Organizations with extensive C-Suite support for onboarding outperform other companies in their use of learning modalities during onboarding and were more likely to use innovations such as gamification (2 1⁄2 times more likely) and simulations (2 1⁄3 times more likely).

For more insights, download the infographic.

*Large Organizations are defined as having 5,000 or more employees (n=200)

Source: 2018 Brandon Hall Group Impact of Onboarding Study (n=581 overall, n=200 for organizations with more than 5,000 employees)