Aligning Your Organization’s Talent Strategy with an Agile Technology Strategy

Hybrid workplaces, where employees split their time between onsite and remote work, appear to be the new norm.

According to a survey from PwC¹, both employees and employers are finding benefits to this arrangement in terms of productivity, work/life balance and cost savings.

But for the transition to a hybrid workplace to be successful, organizations need to think about how employees will get work done. Technology continues to be an important driver of workplace productivity. With hybrid work, the key is agility. Now is the time to think about how the organization’s talent strategies are aligned with technology.

Join us along with Sharlyn Lauby, author of the blog HR Bartender, as we discuss how technology can support today’s talent strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • What HR departments can expect in today’s talent market
  • Agile technologies that can support a hybrid workplace
  • Steps for selling technology at every level of the organization

Presented by:

Sharlyn Lauby
Author of the blog HR Bartender and President of ITM Group