The 4 Pillars of Strategic Onboarding

If, like many organizations, you’re on the path to transform to a strategic program, the first step is defining the essential components that need to be in place. These 4 “pillars” can help you get started in building a plan, communicating it to your management team and defining your enterprise onboarding system.

Cultural mastery. Creating an intentional new hire experience that brings your culture to life. Benefit for new hires: provides an understanding of the culture and how to thrive in in.

Networking. Designing activities to help new hires form internal and external networks. Benefit for new hires: creates “go to” people for coaching, advice and professional development.

Strategic connection and direction. Helping new hires gain a big picture understanding of their role, the team and the organization at large. Benefit for new hires: clarifies how their daily activities drive business results.

Career support. Deliberately designing assignments that allow new hires to see what success looks like and experience early wins. Benefit for new hires: shows future career possibilities which builds long-term commitment.

This 90-second video offers a great overview to share with your management team: The 4 Pillars of Strategic Onboarding.