Find, Engage & Convert Skilled, Diverse Talent with Precision and Agility
Rival Search

“Search has much better outreach and different capabilities. It’s much better for DEI searches…way above and beyond other traditional sourcing solutions. Most recruiters are searching for the same candidates in the same professional networking pools, but Search gives you different results.”

Director of Talent Acquisition, Gainsight

Find, Engage & Convert Skilled, Diverse Talent with Precision and Agility

Build strategic, competitive talent pipelines with the only end-to-end talent acquisition platform from source to hire to retire.
With Search, Rival helps organizations of all sizes and complexities identify, reach and convert skilled candidates that fit business needs at a faster, more cost-effective rate. Rival enables recruiters to build and continuously improve the talent pipelines aligned to talent strategy and DE&I initiatives with an easy-to-use global database of more than 700M robust candidate profiles.


Find untapped, right-fit talent to propel your business forward

Hone in on skilled, diverse talent faster with custom boolean searches, filters and candidate highlights. Identify candidates that are likely to make a move and infer candidate skills they haven’t listed based on similar talent, roles and experience. Engage candidates with roles that fit their predicted trajectory.


Improve your organization’s talent profile with diversity filters that surface profiles from underrepresented groups based on gender, race, ethnicity and veteran status to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Turn on unbiased mode to evaluate candidates within hiring teams. Visualize representation within your talent pipeline to ensure adherence.


Leverage machine learning to optimize candidate outreach timing and messaging to attract talent to your open roles. Ensure outreach is inclusive with language and word choice recommendations driven by analysis of millions of recruitment emails.


Identify the addressable market for roles, skills and candidates. Determine the effectiveness of your sourcing strategy. Evaluate talent pool representation based on diversity, skills and experience criteria. Leverage insights to create an actionable plan to continuously optimize your sourcing strategy, be more competitive and ensure alignment with business objectives.

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