SilkRoad Technology Announces Leadership Changes to Drive Workforce Readiness Solutions for Clients

Published On: April 4, 2019

Chicago, IL – (April 4, 2019) – SilkRoad Technology (, a global leader in strategic onboarding and workforce transformation solutions, has announced four leadership changes to support a more responsive, client-focused organization equipped to lead clients in embracing the unique challenges and opportunities in workforce management today. Janet Halma is promoted to Chief Revenue Officer; Michael Lloyd is promoted to Managing Director International; Anuj Gupta joins SilkRoad as Chief Client Officer; and, Asif Malik joins as Chief Information Officer.

More than one billion jobs are projected to be displaced with artificial intelligence (AI) globally while an equal or greater number of new jobs will emerge (McKinsey Global Institute, 2017). The combined expertise of SilkRoad’s new executives will benefit clients and organizations in need of comprehensive talent strategies to navigate the growing impact of AI and digital transformation on their workforces, while also delivering personalized and engaging experiences that ready employees for sustainable success.

  • Janet Halma, previously in the role of Chief Customer Officer, will now serve as Chief Revenue Officer with a focus on SilkRoad’s global revenue generation strategies. A senior global executive with over 25 years in the IT industry, Halma will continue solving enterprise clients’ business challenges around recruiting, strategic onboarding and developing and retaining world-class talent. Her deep understanding of SilkRoad’s client base will bring innovative thinking that aligns with clients’ unique cultures and talent challenges.
  • Michael Lloyd will lead SilkRoad’s international business efforts for SilkRoad as Managing Director and is based in Sydney, Australia. With more than 15 years in software, technology and consulting, Lloyd brings a unique, global perspective in driving successful business outcomes from technology-based programs. In his general management role, Lloyd will lead SilkRoad talent to support the success of clients in the APAC and EMEA regions. As strategic onboarding becomes a required business capability for global organizations, Lloyd will work collaboratively with SilkRoad’s domestic talent to support client success seamlessly across the world.
  • Anuj Gupta will serve as Chief Client Officer, bringing highly innovative and creative solutions to drive business outcomes for clients with SilkRoad’s Global Service Group. The Global Service Group offers a compelling value combination of software products and services. Gupta’s team provides deep subject matter expertise to SilkRoad clients as they face new challenges in labor and workforce management due to technological advancements. Additionally, the Global Service Group delivers SilkRoad’s business capabilities through a managed services approach, tailored to client requirements. Prior to joining SilkRoad, Gupta served as Vice President of Health Care for Forsythe Technology – acquired by Sirius Computer Solutions – for 17 years working across multiple health care and IT disciplines.
  • Asif Malik, SilkRoad’s new Chief Information Officer (CIO), is responsible for product development, R&D and enterprise information technology. Whether clients consume SilkRoad’s business capabilities through SaaS, hosted-solutions, managed services or combinations thereof, the organization is committed to offering these solutions on a secure and resilient infrastructure platform. Malik brings more than 20 years of expertise in IT across a variety of disciplines, having orchestrated infrastructure modernizations and upgrades for business continuity, cloud migrations, application rationalization and data center operations implementations at large global organizations. Prior to SilkRoad, Malik served Forsythe Technology for the past 19 years as Senior Director and saw it through its recent acquisition by Sirius Computer Solutions.

“Each of these executives’ immense experience and wisdom will be invaluable to our client base. Much like the experience of CIOs earlier this decade when they faced a transformational window of their own—cloud, SaaS, digital and open source usage—HR leaders face a similar transformation window. They need to attract, onboard, develop and retain talent in a hypercompetitive market, while also planning for AI’s growing impact across organizational structure, job roles and skillsets,” says Robert Dvorak, President and CEO of SilkRoad Technology. “HR professionals need to plan and execute workforce transformation that requires world-class strategic onboarding business capabilities wrapped with data-driven Global Advisory Services. I’m confident each member of our leadership team will deliver unsurpassed service to our clients that enables the transformation they need, unified with their business strategies. HR leadership has a window of opportunity to rise to the challenge of planning and managing workforce transformation, and SilkRoad is making the talent and technology investments to ensure our clients succeed in their efforts.”

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Kathleen Porter