SilkRoad Adds Executive to Lead Strategic Onboarding Solutions Team

Published On: February 22, 2018

Author and market pioneer Lilith Christiansen joins as vice president, Onboarding Solutions

CHICAGO – February 22, 2018 – SilkRoad (, a global leader in strategic enterprise onboarding to drive talent retention and business outcomes, announced the hiring of Lilith Christiansen as vice president of Onboarding Solutions. In her new role, Christiansen will lead a team dedicated to partnering with SilkRoad customers to develop world-class strategic onboarding practices and programs that transform their employee experiences and drive business outcomes.

“I’m pleased to join SilkRoad because it’s a pioneer in the onboarding space with the premier onboarding solution used by over 1200 customers,” Christiansen said. “The onboarding solutions team will help organizations build better employee experience and drive retention by connecting all of the onboarding experiences throughout the employee lifecycle. When done well, onboarding impacts revenue growth, customer service, competitive agility and a full range of business objectives and outcomes.”

Christiansen brings more than 20 years of consulting experience to SilkRoad, having established a reputation as an industry expert, author and speaker. Prior to joining SilkRoad, Christiansen served as Vice President of the Organizational Development Practice group at Kaiser Associates, co-leading deep analytical and business performance perspective projects to help leading companies succeed against organizational development challenges. Christiansen is also an accomplished author; her book “Successful Onboarding” highlights her methodologies for creating strategic onboarding programs on a global scale to unlock hidden values from talent bases.

“Lilith literally wrote the book on world-class onboarding and created Kaiser Associate’s practice addressing organizational onboarding. Her wealth of experience creating and implementing strategic onboarding practices to improve business results for clients uniquely qualifies her to design new programs for SilkRoad clients,” said Mike DeVries, senior vice president of Sales & Marketing for SilkRoad. “She understands how to connect strategic ‘always-on’ onboarding support business goals, like improved productivity, profitability, agility, customer service and the CEO vision.”

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Nick Olsen, PReturn