What is Upskilling?

Employee training that works to develop and improve an employee’s existing skills.


Grant is a great HR Manager, but we’re upskilling by sending him this glossary so that he learns all the most up-to-date terminology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Upskilling different from up-boarding?While they sound similar and both involve training an existing employee, Upskilling and up-boarding are quite different. Up-boarding involves training an existing employee who’s in the process of moving into a new position, while Upskilling just about giving additional training and professional development opportunities to an employee to help them succeed in their current role.
  • What are the benefits of Upskilling?Upskilling has several benefits. It allows employees to learn new skills to make their own jobs easier and less-stressful, while also making themselves into stronger candidates for future jobs or promotions. In return, employers reap the rewards of a more skilled employee who can work more efficiently, is up-to-date with their industry knowledge, and is in a better position to be promoted internally – saving the costly process of hiring an outsider to fill a higher-up position.
  • Which employees are the best targets for Upskilling?Any employee can benefit from Upskilling to make themselves more skilled and efficient. However, some employees that will see the most benefit from Upskilling include:
    • Employees working with fast-evolving technology where constant education is required to keep up with industry standards
    • Employees who have the temperament or personality to be attractive for promotion, but may need an additional set of hard skills in order to succeed
    • Employees who value professional development and employer investment as part of what makes them happy in their job
  • How often should an employee do Upskilling?There is no set time table for Upskilling in general, as every industry, organization, role, and employee is different. Some roles or employees may just need Upskilling as needed to become competent in new tech or evolutions in the job, while other positions may benefit from standardized yearly professional development just to keep up with a rapidly changing workplace. As an organization or a manager, it’s your job to keep track of your employees’ skills and identify when Upskilling would be most beneficial.


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