Systems / Platforms

What are Systems and Platforms in HR?

Systems and Platforms are tools that organizations or individual teams use to effectively communicate, provide feedback, track their work and benefits, and perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between an HR System and an HR Platform? Largely, the terms HR System and HR Platform are used interchangeably. Both generally refer to software-based tools used for managing Human Resources information and responsibilities within an organization.
  • What are some examples of different HR Systems? Typically, HR Systems and Platforms fall into 3 main categories, with the key differentiation being the scope of the work these systems encompass:
    • Human Resources Information System (HRIS): A system that tracks employee and candidate information and data, allowing HR to manage hiring, firing, internal policies, etc.
    • Human Resources Management System (HRMS): An expansion beyond the scope of a traditional HRIS, these systems manage all the same areas but add additional HR functionality such as payroll, benefits administration, attendance, and more.
    • Human Capital Management System (HCMS): An expansion further beyond the capabilities of an HRIS or HRMS, these systems incorporate all of the above while also focusing on the more human aspect of developing workers, such as training, upskilling, professional development, and more.
  • How can an HR Platform benefit my organization? For any organization with a workforce of beyond just a few people, an HR Platform is critical to maintaining an accurate, organized, and efficient Human Resources department. From recruiting to hiring to onboarding, professional development, HR administration, and beyond, a good HR Platform ensures that your HR department or HR Manager has all the tools necessary to do their job without any details slipping through the cracks.
  • Who is in charge of HR Platforms? Given that HR Platforms are software-based, their core setup and maintenance may technically lie at the hands of an IT department. However, the day-to-day functionality, the way various aspects of the platform interconnect, and how the data within is tracked, used, and organized is largely managed by the HR department itself. When recruiting, hiring managers may be given access to elements of the HR System in order to view data about the hiring process, but are often otherwise disconnected from the broader software management.


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