Inbound Recruiting

What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound Recruiting is campaigning to attract more job applicants by using marketing tools, content creation, and social media platforms to promote a company’s strengths and competitive advantages.


Thanks to our inbound recruiting strategy, we’ve increased applications by 30% without even needing to contract with a recruiting agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the benefit of Inbound Recruiting?As the job market heats up, it’s no longer good enough to post a job opening to a job board and hope that great applications start flooding in. The market is competitive not just for job seekers, but for employers as well – and the smartest employers know they need to think creatively and proactively to make sure they reach the best candidates and convince them to apply.Inbound Recruiting leverages strategies and platforms like social media, branding, and relationship management pipelines to get a company’s recruiting message in front of the most qualified candidates and keep them interested throughout the hiring process in order to make sure that the end result is the best possible hire for any open position.
  • Is Inbound Recruiting the same as marketing?Fundamentally, yes! Inbound Recruiting is really just the strategy of applying marketing techniques to sourcing job candidates. It utilizes the same tool kit as many of your marketing efforts, and requires many of the same skills: attractive branding, intriguing copy, expertise in leveraging social media platforms to get in front of audiences, and in-depth knowledge of a typical sales funnel and how to keep people from leaving part way through the process.
  • What are good tools for Inbound Recruiting?The good news is that many of the same tools you use for traditional marketing efforts will be of use here: social media ad platforms, CRM systems, graphic design programs, and more will be your core tool kit for Inbound Recruiting just the same as they would be for any other marketing efforts. However, keep in mind that the product you’ll be marketing is the workplace itself, so you may bring in different minds than your usual marketing team to make sure the message is getting across. The Hiring Manager for any given position, HR for a strong job description, and even higher-ups for go-aheads on employer branding decisions are all non-marketing people who may need to be involved in the process.
  • Does Inbound Recruiting attract stronger applicants?While no marketing effort has a guaranteed 100% success rate, when done well, Inbound Recruiting should bring you a stronger crop of applicants than more passive efforts. If you take the time to create eye-catching social media posts, web content, and design assets; write a compelling job description; and leverage the proper platforms to reach your target audience, then the best candidates for the job will see you and begin to apply for your open positions.


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