Candidate Sourcing

What is Candidate Sourcing?

Initiating any outbound recruitment process begins with pinpointing suitable candidates for vacant positions. Given that this phase typically involves extensive research, it’s easy to overlook the manual and time-consuming nature of candidate sourcing. Recruiters commonly spend over 13 hours per week sourcing for a single role, underscoring the potential for significant reductions in time-to-hire and heightened productivity through streamlining. Various Recruiting Automation solutions are available to assist companies in automating the identification of passive candidates possessing the requisite skills and backgrounds.

With the preceding section providing orientation, those eager to delve into Recruiting Automation are gearing up for the journey ahead. Rival Recruit and Engage are designed to aid in planning for what lies ahead, assisting in your Recruiting Automation strategy, and will help advocate for its adoption within your organization.


Lisa's finely-tuned recruiting automation campaigns allow her candidate sourcing to be mostly passive. With so many relevant, quality candidates, she can spend more time screening from a shortlist instead of wading through resumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions to ask your organization when considering candidate sourcing:

  • How does your HR team source passive candidates?
  • How long does it take a recruiter in your organization to research a new candidate role?
  • What data about candidates do you make available to your recruiters?
  • Are the sources you use enough, do you rely on candidates from other sources?
  • Of those candidates you’ve hired, have you analyzed the source of those candidates? Which sources perform the best in terms of hiring?


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