Assessment Center

What is an Assessment Center?

Assessment Center is a collection of interviews, aptitude tests, and assignments intended to offer a standardized and objective measure of each candidates’ ability to perform the job for which they’re applying.


When hiring a new Fire Chief, the city government put together an Assessment Center that tested candidates for physical fitness, psychological stability, and knowledge of firefighting procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of an Assessment Center?Assessment Centers are great for providing a standardized measurement of a candidate’s performance in several areas, allowing them to be easily compared directly to other candidates. Assessment Centers help organizations make decisions based on data and objective facts, rather than gut feelings and intuition.
  • What types of organizations use Assessment Centers?The most common sector that uses Assessment Centers is the public sector, including State and Federal agencies, local municipalities, and government services such as Fire and Police departments. However, any organization – public or private – can make use of an Assessment Center, especially for filling high-ranking positions like upper management and c-suite executives.
  • What sorts of tests are in an Assessment Center?Assessment Center tests can cover all sorts of skills and traits. Common Assessment Center tests can cover relevant job skills (like a coding project for a computer programmer, or mock advertising campaign materials for a graphic designer), psychological stability, critical thinking and logic, and even physical fitness (such as training course trials for a prospective firefighter).
  • What are the drawbacks of an Assessment Center?Assessment Centers offer relatively few drawbacks, as they allow for objective measurement and comparison between candidates. But Assessment Center results shouldn’t replace critical analysis by HR and hiring managers, as cultural fit and personality “x-factors” can still play an important role in hiring. Additionally, organizations should be thoughtful and judicious about relying on Assessment Centers for lower-level roles, as they can take significant time and effort from both the organization and the candidates, more than may be necessary for entry-level hiring.


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