what is ats

Our consultative advisors rationalize current business challenges and future desired state with people, process and technology solutions that decrease costs, mitigate risk and drive revenue performance.

We partner with HR to transform the talent experience by deepening the connection between employees, managers and executives to business strategy while simplifying and digitizing core HR processes to drive sustainable business performance.

what is ats


Address unique business challenges and needs.

What works for one organization may not work for another. We’ll conduct a diagnostic assessment to understand the current state and experience. We seek to fully understand our clients’ unique needs and then leverage industry best-practice expertise to design and deliver tailored experiences aligned to business strategy.


Drive talent-led outcomes that mitigate risks, reduce costs and improve business performance.

We empower clients to drive talent strategies that help employees thrive in a changing workplace. We’ll determine needs and opportunities of changing business models, design and redesign roles that provide optimal value to the organization, deliver experiences that align, enable and empower employees to execute organizational strategy. Rival transforms how businesses compete, perform and get work done.

what is ats
what is ats


Simplify and digitalize processes and experiences to improve the customer experience for employees, managers and executives.

We help clients deliver an engaging employee experience while driving compliance and delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. Realize the full potential of your investment by leveraging our expertise and experience working with some of the world’s most complex global organizations.

A Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense Company sought to reimagine how the organization conducts onboarding.

After completing a design thinking exercise to understand the current state and envision a future state onboarding experience, our client sought expert validation of their future state onboarding prototype. Rival, led by a team of onboarding and process experts, evaluated and pressure tested the future state design. Using our Onboarding Maturity Assessment framework, the team appraised the design, classified its level of maturity and identified areas of opportunity to drive additional return from the onboarding experience.


Rival goes beyond traditional talent management to help our clients attract, retain, and align people to their business.