SwedishAmerican Health System

Swedish American Provides Continuous Feedback to Their Associates with Rival (formerly SilkRoad Technology)


One of the challenges we were facing with performance management before SilkRoad is we were looking for more of a development plan and continuous feedback. We’re currently in the process of switching from performance management to agile because agile will give us the opportunity to give continuous feedback to our associates. It’s going to also implement the development plan
with agile. This is a great opportunity for our managers to have those one on one conversations with our associates.

With the career development plan on Agile, there are that continuous check ins monthly, quarterly, depending on how each department wants to use the development plan. Providing that career development plan to our associates, the managers can have those one on one check ins with each associate so we can develop each associate on their career plan to retain our associates. For example, if an RN wants to continue on getting their masters, they can continue practicing as a nurse practitioner at Swedish American Health System.

By using the development tool with agile, this is going to help us retain our employees because it’s going to provide a career growth opportunity with the plan that they put in place with their managers, and by having these one on one check ins, it’s gonna lay the foundation on where they want to grow with Swedish American Health System.