Stetson University

Stetson University Streamlines Applicant Tracking with Rival Recruit (formerly SilkRoad Recruiting)

My title is director of human resources of the main campus of Stetson University.

Before choosing SilkRoad products, the most important issue that we had to address was how do we capture candidates from a variety of resources and what we found by using SilkRoad is that we were able to capture all kinds of candidates, all over the world without having to reach out on our own. It was more intuitive to bring in candidates as opposed to us seeking candidates.

The improvements that we have seen in with the recruiting process of SilkRoad is we were able to move candidates through the system through the process system of interviewing and incorporating and using managers as opposed to the one director of hr person at Stetson University.

SilkRoad’s approach to the onboarding process will help us more on the forefront of capturing information from the candidates. The recruiting process has helped us tremendously. It has cut down on our paperwork. It has cut down on the fact that people are coming into the office as opposed to going online, to do their application process. Stetson university’s priorities for the people process is to onboard or bring in the best candidates for the best positions. And I believe that using the SilkRoad recruiting and onboarding process, we can do that and have a successful candidate experience through the whole entire process.

I’m Pam Skoularakos, director for human resources at Stetson University College of Law. Some of the business issues that we were facing before we went to the SilkRoad project specifically for recruiting was to capture more of the recruitment applicant processes and be able to track them better.

We were also doing more with less staff, which the product helped us increase our productivity as well as have seen our applicants actually following through the process going to the portal that we’ve set up through SilkRoad and been able to apply online have been able to capture their application as well as their resume and cover letter and references, which has helped us tremendously.

The impact that the recruitment product has had on our organization includes more productivity as well as being able to track the applicant from start to finish and go through the different stages of recruitment, which has helped us in turn, run reports and track the process and how we are able to better serve our applicants.

The experience working with silk road has been great. We have had great customer service from the SilkRoad staff as well as the folks that helped us with our implementation. Great service. I can’t complain.