Northwestern Michigan College

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Northernwestern Michigan College Centralized and Automated Their Onboarding Process with SilkRoad

Northwestern Michigan College is a publicly funded community college that serves people, organizations and businesses throughout the Grand Traverse region and beyond. Before SilkRoad, Northwestern Michigan College had onboarding processes that were department based. After implementing SilkRoad Onboarding, the process became centralized.

My name is Lori Hodek. I work for Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, Michigan.

Before SilkRoad we had onboarding processes that happen throughout the institution. They were kind of random departmental based. Once we implemented onboarding, we took the process and centralized it back into onboarding. All of our new hires love the process. They love to access the forms before they actually go into the organization and start working for us.

Before we went with SilkRoad we had a recruitment process that was paper. When we went electronic everything has been much simpler for applicants and for those reviewing the applications. Our application process happens across the institution.

We have one manager who loves using onboarding so much she told me we could never switch systems. She could manage all of her tasks directly in onboarding, which was not possible before we went with that system.

We chose SilkRoad as our talent solution about seven years ago, we were using a higher ed based system rather than an industry based system.

SilkRoad is good with best practices, they’ve helped us integrate our talent systems, made the process easier for all of us. The SilkRoad staff has been really friendly to work with. They’re all very knowledgeable. I love working with support, our implementation consultants have also been very knowledgeable, very friendly and always willing to help.