East Central Energy

software for hr management

Rival (formerly SilkRoad Technology) Products Replaced East Central Energy’s Manual Processes

My name is Christy Flaspeter, I am human resources manager at East Central Energy.

Some of the business issues I was facing before choosing SilkRoad products was the fact that everything we did was manual process. For the process to be automated allows us to do reporting much easier than how we were doing it before. Feedback from our users of the system, we have manager groups that were having to do everything manually. As I mentioned before, it was a manual process.

They really liked the fact that they can just go into the system and enter data. I became involved with SilkRoad when we were doing a search for software that would help us to automate our systems and processes. I dealt with sales person, she was really easy to work with and when I asked for the ability to actually see the product rather than just the standard introduction to the product, she actually set up a demo in the sand box for me, which was very helpful in making a determination because you get to see little pieces of all the softwares when you’re looking at them, but to actually get in there and see what what the system could do for you that was very helpful in making the determination on the products.

Training and implementation of the SilkRoad products was a really good process for us, especially with the performance module. The learning module maybe had a little hiccup, but once we expressed that we were having some hiccups they were so responsive to that for us, they moved us back to the implementation specialist we had with performance and she’s a rockstar. Like you guys say, everybody’s rockstar, she’s a rockstar.