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Rival (formerly SilkRoad Technology) Supports Cacique’s Growing Recruiting and Onboarding Needs

I’m Adam Goldman, vice president of human resources at Cacique.

So the business challenges we’re facing really stem from a collection of manual processes. We don’t have a current ATS system in place. So we selected SilkRoad recruiting module as well as the onboarding module. We were looking for vendors that would satisfy both our current situation as a relatively small sized company, and give us scale to grow. We see ourselves doubling in size over the next five years, expanding into different geographies.

I think the most useful element is the workbook, and it’s interesting. I’ve spoken to other companies who have implemented SilkRoad, and everybody talks about the workbook. I didn’t exactly know what that meant initially, but given the methodical nature and given the fact that our implementation specialist has done hundreds of implementations getting started on it was a little bit tricky getting through it, ensuring we went through the required training. It’s a part of that process.

I think that in our ability to hand over the workbook to our implementation specialist, I think the best piece of advice for someone evaluating options is to understand that there’s not a best one size fits all solution. I think it’s important to evaluate the technology, but also the service. It’s one thing to buy outstanding technology, but if it’s not serviced after you implement, you’re getting frustrated and I’ve seen that at different points within my career.

I think it’s also important to make sure you have a partner that’s continually innovating. And what I’ve seen from SilkRoad up to this point is they’re continually working not just maybe one, but two steps that had looking at industry changes, looking at demographic changes, understanding where the market is going so they can help continue to deliver us solutions are helpful to our business as we continue to grow.