All About Recruit: Generative AI Webinar Round-Up

Published On: May 17, 2024Categories: AI in HR, Recruiting Articles

Over the past few months, we’ve hosted a series of insightful webinars that have explored the impact of generative AI in HR practices. These sessions have brought together industry experts and HR professionals to discuss how this new horizon of technology is reshaping the way we attract, engage, and retain talent. Our recruiting solution, Rival Recruit, lies at the forefront of these discussions.

In this post we’ll summarize the key highlights of these webinars, discussing the innovative applications of generative AI in talent acquisition. From streamlining candidate sourcing and improving the recruitment journey to helping you drive employee growth, our webinars have helped customers find immediately-actionable strategies and best practices. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of industry trends or seek practical insights to implement in your given role, these webinars will provide a comprehensive overview of how Rival Recruit’s generative AI is set to change the way your HR teams approach talent acquisition and HR workflows.

Rival CEO Greg DiTullio gives a brief overview of generative AI in Rival Recruit.

AI & Analytics in Recruit

AI and Analytics Recruiting Webinar

Discover how generative AI can revolutionize your recruitment processes with Rival Recruit. Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will delve into the transformative capabilities of AI and analytics integrated into our platform. Learn how to streamline your hiring journey, from automating candidate sourcing to efficiently identifying top talent, leveraging advanced AI algorithms.

Our webinar will showcase how robust analytics can provide valuable insights into your recruitment performance, allowing you to track key metrics and optimize workflows. You’ll gain the tools to identify areas for improvement, measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, and make data-driven decisions that propel business growth. Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of AI and analytics in recruitment and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.


ai webinar series

Are you eager to explore how AI can transform HR practices in remarkable ways? Join us for an engaging webinar series designed to simplify and demonstrate AI’s influential role in HR, with a special emphasis on recruiting and future HR technologies. This on-demand series will unveil how AI is shaping the future of HR in real, actionable terms. This structured yet flexible 3-part series is perfect for busy professionals looking to enhance their understanding without disrupting their schedules.

In Part 1, “Demystifying AI – Understanding Its Core,” simplifies complex concepts like machine learning and neural networks, helping you grasp how AI dramatically improves industry operations. Part 2, “Harnessing AI for Smarter Recruiting,” focuses on cutting-edge AI tools that streamline recruitment processes, from finding the right candidates to enhancing their journey and your hiring results. Finally, Part 3, “The Latest Trends in AI and Automation,” delves into emerging trends and the dual-edged sword of AI in HR systems, covering strategic advantages and addressing challenges like algorithmic bias. Gain insights into best practices for integrating AI technologies that support fair and informed decision-making.


AI in Human Resources Webinar

The field of HR has undergone a significant transformation, largely driven by advancements in AI technologies. Among these innovations, generative AI stands out as a powerful tool capable of revolutionizing various aspects of HR management. Our upcoming webinar will explore the synergy between generative AI and HR technology, shedding light on their potential impact on talent acquisition, employee engagement, and organizational development.

Whether you’re an HR professional looking to stay ahead of industry trends or a technology enthusiast curious about the future of HR, this webinar offers valuable insights and actionable strategies for harnessing the potential of generative AI in HR technology. Join us to develop a comprehensive understanding of generative AI, its capabilities, and its relevance in HR. We’ll delve into the benefits and challenges of integrating generative AI into HR practices and share proven best practices for streamlining talent acquisition, enhancing employee engagement, and driving organizational growth.