6 Reasons to Drive Learning from Day One Onboarding

Published On: June 17, 2020Categories: Employee Training

Organizations need to enable employees to perform and contribute as fast as possible. Learning is a core component of the experience to support a successful transition into a new role, whether as a new hire or through a promotion or transfer. The incorporation of employee training into an onboarding program is crucial to employee success, retention and the mitigation of risk, reducing costs and driving revenue performance.

This blog post will explore the six reasons to drive learning from day one.

1. Speed time to productivity, performance and contribution

Ensure that all required job skills and related training are completed to speed time to productivity and contribution. Be intentional about the timing and relevancy of content, such as delivering compliance-related training at the beginning of the new hire experience and then introducing content that will build the skills necessary to ensure employees can fulfill the competency requirements of their role.

2. Reduce corporate risk

Deliver and standardize all required compliance training as part of the new hire experience to ensure employees understand corporate and safety requirements and expectations. As time progresses, avoid work disruptions by ensuring that all recurring employee mandatory compliance training is up to date.

3. Prevent quick quits, address flight risks

The incorporation of learning into the new hire experience makes for a richer, more robust introduction to the company and their role while providing increased visibility into their engagement and skill set. This allows for preventative interventions such as stay interviews and additional training to drive retention, cost reduction and mitigation of risk.

4. Support alignment to business objectives and performance goals

Deliver learning to explain the organization’s strategy, helping to build a connection to how the employee’s day-to-day responsibilities impact the overall organization. As the employee becomes more tenured, continue to deliver learning content that builds their skills and capacity to grow in their role or prepare them for their next role within the organization.

5. Prepare new hires for their first year of firsts

New hires encounter many first-time experiences during their first year at a company. Timely, personalized content at an intentional cadence prepares new hires to be able to handle what they are likely to experience in their first year proficiently.

6. Illustrate investment in the employee experience

According to Gartner’s Global Talent Monitor’s Report, 40% of departing employees cited future career development as a dissatisfying factor in their job. Delivering learning content early and consistently in the experience communicates a commitment to employee development and sets a precedent for what they are to expect for the rest of their experience at an organization.

Download the 6 reasons to drive learning from day one to share with a colleague or leadership.