Facebook Recruiting

What is Facebook Recruiting?

Facebook Recruiting is using the social media platform Facebook (Meta) to recruit new workers by advertising open positions, attracting potential candidates, and engaging them to complete the application process.


Gone are the days of placing “help wanted” ads in the paper; now we use Facebook Recruiting to attract the best talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should my business use Facebook Recruiting?There is no singular answer as to whether or not Facebook Recruiting would benefit your organization. Facebook is just one platform among many on which recruiting strategies can be implemented, and it’s up to each individual business to determine if the platform’s tools and audience make sense when recruiting for any given open position.
  • What are the benefits of Facebook Recruiting?The benefits of Facebook Recruiting are fundamentally the same as the benefits of any sort of advertising or marketing on Facebook – namely, that it’s the largest social media platform in the world and continues to be a dominant force in online life. Countless people use the platform, from every location, every walk of life, and every set of interests, and Facebook offers powerful tools to target exactly the audience you want. If your audience is particularly broad, or narrow in a way that Facebook’s targeting tools can be attuned to, using Facebook to recruit your next hire can be very effective indeed!
  • How do you start Facebook Recruiting?Most recruiting efforts on Facebook begin with an organization’s Facebook Business account – this allows the organization to pay to run ads for not only the business, but the business’s hiring.When creating recruiting ads, Facebook will limit the types of demographic info you can target, in order to comply with all Equal Employment Opportunity laws, but otherwise, you can create targeted posts for particular audiences, which can allow you to focus your efforts on people most interested and qualified for your open position. 
  • Can I use social media platforms other than Facebook for recruiting?Yes, just about any social media platform can be used for recruiting. While Facebook is perhaps the most well-established, understanding both where your target demographic is spending time as well as which platform has the best tools to find potential hires will let you make an informed decision about where to dedicate your time and budget during your recruiting efforts.


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