How Recruiters Can Stay Relevant in the Age of LinkedIn

Published On: March 21, 2019

Harvard Business Review – February 8, 2019

by Atta Tarki and Ken Kanara

Excerpted from Harvard Business Review, “How Recruiters Can Stay Relevant in the Age of LinkedIn” by Atta Tarki and Ken Kanara, co-authors of the upcoming book Evidence Based Recruiting

Step 2: Get the best candidates to apply
A 2016 SilkRoad study of 13 million applicants and 300,000 hires at 1,200 companies revealed that the ‘post-and-pray’ strategy still is the most popular way of hiring candidates. That is, 42% of hires came from postings roles on job boards and company websites. Recruiter sourced candidates represented only 10% of hires.

While job postings have some benefits, hoping that star performers will fall into your lap, during the lowest period of unemployment in nearly fifty years, is not advisable. Successful recruiters help organizations by building a repeatable and a scalable formula for finding and engaging star performers. Recruiters can do this by experimenting with and increasing the efficiency of other sourcing channels.

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