Geared For Growth: Measuring The Benefits Of Employee Engagement In High-Growth Organizations

Published On: December 12, 2018

Forbes Insights – Dec. 12, 2018

Employee engagement is a notoriously tricky sentiment to measure. Finance executives know how to measure productivity. They understand how to measure return on investment for training and talent. But how can they know if the people who work for the organization are truly buying into the strategic direction and culture of the firm?

Since you can’t manage what you can’t measure, employee engagement calls for the implementation of hard data-driven metrics—and utilization of the findings to improve engagement and thus financial growth.

The findings of a Forbes Insights and SilkRoad survey of 212 U.S.-based CFOs and financial executives reveal the fastest-growing firms put greater emphasis on understanding their employees and engaging them compared with slower-growing firms.

CFOs at high-growth firms play a greater role in measuring and promoting engagement and making greater use of analytics to assess performance. They recognize that talent management is not strictly a human resource issue—rather, it is essential for the entire organization.