Analysts at Brandon Hall Group: “Rival is Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition Through Innovation”

Published On: July 2, 2024

Rival is well known in the talent acquisition space for offering innovative solutions that attract, engage, and retain top talent. As a leading provider of intelligent talent acquisition technologies, Rival continues to transform how organizations streamline their hiring processes, improve the candidate experience, and build high-performing teams.

In this analysis from the Brandon Hall Group, their analysts delve into our product suite, key benefits and outcomes, and customer success stories.

To summarize their findings; Rival’s comprehensive suite of tools addresses every stage of the talent lifecycle, from recruiting and engaging candidates to onboarding and developing employees. Key products like Rival Recruit, Rival Engage, Rival Onboard, Rival Learn, and Rival Perform are designed to enhance the entire recruitment process. Tools like ours enable companies to source top talent, nurture candidate relationships, streamline onboarding, deliver employee training, and manage performance effectively.

They found that Rival’s solutions offer tangible benefits such as improved quality of hire, faster time-to-fill, and enhanced candidate experiences.

With successful case studies across various industries, we have proven our ability to reduce hiring time and costs while boosting the quality of new hires. Companies that leverage Rival’s technology see significant improvements in their talent acquisition processes and overall business outcomes.

We are appreciative of the Brandon Hall Group for their analysis of Rival’s product suite! Learn more about how you can revolutionize your HR teams by talking to an expert today.