Employer Branding

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is aesthetic, linguistic, and cultural components of a company used to develop a coherent and unique corporate identity that can be used when marketing the workplace to potential workers.


They may not be that much different from other banks in practice, but CoolBank™ Employer Branding used sleek logos and hip slogans to attract younger, more forward-thinking job candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What all goes into Employer Branding?Think of Employer Branding as marketing for your organization, rather than just the product or service you offer. This includes graphical elements like company logos, the graphic design of internal documents, and the design of your office spaces. The target market for Employer Branding is your existing employees and potential applicants, rather than the customers who provide you with income.
  • Who is responsible for Employer Branding?An organization is fundamentally responsible for their Employer Branding, but the way they navigate this responsibility can take many forms. An organization may utilize internal designers, writers, and marketing professionals to create their Employer Branding, or they may contract outsiders like graphic designers, marketing firms, and copywriters to do the work for them.
  • What makes for good Employer Branding?Good Employer Branding follows the same key ideas as any type of branding or marketing. It should be simple, expressive, memorable, and focused. Whether you’re trying to increase internal cohesion or pique the interest of potential job applicants, your Employer Branding should offer a vision that speaks to the company’s values and strengths and is instantly identifiable, wherever it’s noticed.
  • What are the positive benefits of Employer Branding?Strong Employer Branding is crucial for attracting the best talent in the industry – attractive branding that sells a strong vision and a positive reputation will catch the attention of the most talented workers in your field, increasing the likelihood that they’ll apply and join your workforce. Employer Branding is also important for increasing company cohesion – when great Employer Branding is expressed through interior design, internal documents, and more, your current employees will feel more immersed in the company culture and have a clearer sense of purpose.


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