Embracing Change: A New Chapter in Talent Acquisition at Rival

Published On: November 3, 2023Categories: Core HR

Real talk: we have experienced decades’ worth of disruption in just a few short years, and talent acquisition organizations today need to be more prepared than ever to navigate and adapt to the next curveball that is most assuredly coming.

According to a recent McKinsey study, half of organizations say they are unprepared for future shocks, two-thirds of leaders see their organizations as overly complex and inefficient, and a mere 5% are confident in their ability to integrate people, processes & technology to compete effectively.

While the notion of managing change is nothing new, the volume, velocity, variety and volatility of change are – reaching unprecedented levels that have seemingly outpaced organizations’ ability to react and adapt, with a disproportionate impact on Human Resources.

HR is operating in a new norm. Continued labor market volatility, shortages and skills gaps coupled with today’s increasingly complex HR tech stack, which demands resources and investments that are seemingly incompatible with the budget constraints imposed by today’s macroeconomic conditions.

This inflection point was our call to action. With decades of leadership in the Talent Acquisition (TA) space, I’m excited to announce a new chapter for our company—one that combines our hard-earned expertise and industry-leading technology to proactively drive talent strategies with precision, speed and agility, regardless of the world’s happenings.


Our new mission is simple: empower forward-thinking organizations like yours to navigate change with confidence and agility.


Introducing Rival: The Talent Acquisition suite powering stable agility for HR teams.

We chose the name “Rival” because it conveys our vision and invokes feelings of disruptive innovation – a nod to our twenty-year history of pioneering cutting-edge workflow automation and employee onboarding solutions, which remains a priority today.

As we navigate the new norm, I’m honored to step into the CEO role here at Rival. We believe technology should support change while providing stability, not hinder an organization’s ability to support its business. You need reliable, flexible solutions that enable you to master stable agility with speed and precision. That’s why we’ve architected our suite of recruiting, onboarding, learning and performance products to deliver scalable, stable agility – powered by AI, automation, integrations and analytics.

We believe Stable Agility is a business-critical capability today. To master it, organizations need technologies, strategies and partners that consistently empower them to execute proactive talent strategies with precision while keeping up with innovation, disruption and trends, both micro and macro. To be agile, you must also be stable, and Rival is the only TA suite purpose-built with this in mind.

Rival Recruit is the first product under the Rival banner. It’s the first talent acquisition solution with 700M pre-loaded passive candidates powered by AI-driven insights and recruitment marketing capabilities, enterprise-grade analytics, and more. Products like Rival Recruit deliver the stable agility HR teams need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

The question isn’t whether change is coming but whether you’re prepared to make it your competitive advantage. With Rival, we’re excited to be your partner in stable agility.


-Greg DiTullio, CEO